Bearing Crosses

THGOS Piglet


We love heritage breeds.  We’ve raised other more “modern” breeds but they simply do not thrive living outdoors meandering like heritage breeds do.  Side by side, in the same conditions eating the same food, heritage grow better, are happier, healthier and, yes, tastier.  Tamworths are our favorite, but we also have a smattering of other breeds in the mix.  We currently have one registered Tamworth boar and two registered Tamworth sows.  We have one other fully Tam sow, “Ham”, who is the matriarch of  our herd, but she is not registered.  The others are all mixed breeds which are Tamworths, Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots, and Hampshires.  Sometimes this diversity brings out some pretty cool characteristics at farrowing time.  This guy (on the right) with the belt is our current favorite.  He’s a Tamworth in the head, Hampshire in the middle, and Old Spot in the rear!  We are currently selling piglets, but I am getting fairly attached.  This one might hang around for a while…

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