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this little piggy…

One of our pigs had a litter last week. This pig of ours has a history…. This pig wasn’t born here, nor did we buy her…. we sort of “acquired” her.  One day last year a guy randomly stopped at … Continue reading

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Cowboy Candy

I found a recipe for Candied Jalapenos and had to try it.  Now I haven’t “tried” it, as in, Eaten it… yet… but I CAN’T wait!! Cut up 3 lbs of Jalapenos… please use gloves and protective eye wear (someday … Continue reading

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Dangers of higher learning

All of the ladies were away for the day yesterday and it was just me and the boys.  We ate lunch and, mostly because I was tired, we had a “quiet hour”.  I took a nap.  The boys spent their quiet hour blowing … Continue reading

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Curious cases of disappearing pigs

I just read this and thought to myself, Wow.  I suppose I should be keeping up on store pork prices, but I don’t go into too many stores these days.  Why eat make-believe, sickly, factory manufactured, tastes like cardboard pork when you … Continue reading

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Pastured Chicken Hot off the Grass!

As weird as it may seem, I always look forward to processing day.  I like to know how well we did our job by the look & weight of the birds, and there is no better way to know that than by “looking under … Continue reading

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Sir Lics’alot

Or, Mr. Licker…. In reality, his name is really Mal… Or Cap’n Mal… or Malcom(e)… Anyway you call him.. he’s a licker!! Mal is our new stud and we are soooo excited about him!  He’s everything you want in a … Continue reading

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What is it?

A.  Part of a do-it-yourself milking station for those new fangled genetically modified giant milk cows we’ve been hearing about. B.  A homeschool weather experiment. C.  A super efficient chicken killing apparatus. D.  An insect control device. E.  A homemade three-row concentrated crop waterer.  … Continue reading

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Almost time…

It is almost time to process our Pastured Poultry.  Having done this before we are super excited to have just about finished our WhizBang Chicken plucker!! There are many videos on YouTube of them in operation if you are curious … Continue reading

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Let there be light…

We honestly did not think that hurricane Irene was going to be a problem…. well, about 10 years ago it wouldn’t have been!  Alas, our fair state has let the road maintenance go and have allowed the trees to grow … Continue reading

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