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A Day in the Farm Life

Farm life mostly consists of routine, and one of the most routine expectations is that something out of the ordinary is going to happen when you least expect it.  Puppies are usually born when you’re just getting ready for bed, … Continue reading

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Bearing Crosses

  We love heritage breeds.  We’ve raised other more “modern” breeds but they simply do not thrive living outdoors meandering like heritage breeds do.  Side by side, in the same conditions eating the same food, heritage grow better, are happier, … Continue reading

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Prancing Piggies

  Even though we’ve had them around for years, I am always amazed by these little critters.  They come out ready to take on the world.  These guys are just three days old. It’s a busy time on the farm … Continue reading

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AKA “Mal”, taking a break from playing Frisbee and making sure that nobody else can play without him.  

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Of Huffs and Puffs and Blown Down Little Pig Houses

It’s pretty much a yearly ritual around here when I’m building new pig shelters; every late fall to early winter.  In the warmer months shelter doesn’t matter as much.  They, like I, like to be in the outdoors.  Even with a shelter available … Continue reading

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Easter Halupkies

Forget the chocolate – that’s my kind of Easter Basket! We’ve been busy on and off the farm.  Wife Steph had Vitrectomy surgery from which she is recovering nicely but going crazy from boredom because she can’t do anything other … Continue reading

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Nature’s Candy

It’s spring which means that the days are getting longer, things are starting to warm up, and sap is starting to run.  Here in the northeast it’s normal to see tree taps in maple trees  all over the place from … Continue reading

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When we first moved here about 11 years ago, we came with the intention of farming our new little 14 acre plot.  We were younger and much greener, never having the opportunity to spread beyond back yard animals and a garden, so it didn’t take … Continue reading

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Contentment is a Well Trained Dog

And an easily trained dog is sheer bliss.  In my experience there is a certain personality in a dog that makes training easy.  This in-bred temperament combined with people socialization from an early age is the difference between having a friend/helper … Continue reading

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Updating the Website

Just a note to let everyone know that we’ve updated the website just a bit, and have plans for future enhancements.  First of all, you can now access this page directly at We have also linked up our page … Continue reading

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