You say tomato….

Today was our 3rd, or was it 33rd?? canning marathon for tomato sauce!

We started with umpteen bushels of these :

Did some processing.. ie: heating up the house on a hot August day, right before a hurricane is going to hit and knock out all our power, by cooking said tomatoes (or tomahtoes), putting them through the food mill on my kitchenAid (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my mixer?), putting all that tomatoey goodness into a big pot

Cook it for a bit, then into the jars it goes….pressure cook for a smidge, these are tomatoes, no need to get carried away…. 28 quarts later… deliciousness!

Since I was down my biggest helpers today I enlisted my 12 year old to help out and not only did she process most of the tomatoes she made dinner for me from a recipe my dear friend sent me the other day…. yummm

Now time to batten down the hatches in preparation for potential hurricane.  I’m thinking the pastured broilers may need to find a new home for a day or two?……hmmm perhaps the boys room?

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3 Responses to You say tomato….

  1. Darlene says:

    Stephanie, we picked up a turkey fryer and use that to boil down our tomato sauce. Avoids heating up the house and the pan is huge. You know those turkey fryers that go out side.
    another thought is this, we also dry our tomatoes in the dehyrdrator. You can also sun dry them as well. Slice them thin and dry them out in the sun
    . Once their dry, you can use them in your sauce. If your tomato sauce is to watery you can add a few of the dehyrdrated tomatoes to the pot and they will help absorb some of the water. The dehydrated tomatoes act like a tomato paste. I also put dried tomatoes on my pizza’s. Kids love em.

  2. tomcovafarm says:

    I want a dehydrator …

  3. Patty in CT says:

    Hey Steph!
    I found that if I roast my baby tomatoes (cherries) that they can be substituted for sun dried tomatoes. Great in pasta! Hehehe. Sounds like a blast though. You guys are amazing!

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