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Potato diggers

What does the 4 year old do when digging potatoes? She digs… She digs…a hole To…. Lay in!

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Having grand babies is…well…grand!!  I love having them underfoot, I love watching them interact with everything here on the farm.  One of their favorite things is when we have puppies.  The kids love to hold the puppies.  They love to … Continue reading

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Is there anything cuter…

There are many things in life I find delight in, good food, beautiful art, nature, quiet time… to name a few.  However, there isn’t much that comes close to watching newborn piglets scamper about. Less than a day old and … Continue reading

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Going for a swim

We are blessed to have just over 14 acres of land, which is bordered by a river and an old trestle trail.  We took an impromptu hike yesterday down to the river.  We like to let the dogs take turns … Continue reading

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our pups…

Over the past 13 + years we have been raising Golden Retrievers I have been constantly reminded why I love the breed.  I never have to worry about the kids or my constant flow of grandchildren and visitors.  The dogs … Continue reading

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With all the new shelters being milled/ built, its sparked all kinds of creative energy in the kids. One kid is building a new movable pen for some of his rabbits. Another of my sons decided I needed a new … Continue reading

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The dog shelter we built, many years ago, finally needed to be taken down.  We needed something new for the dogs.  What does a new dog shelter have to do with being “Mizerly”?  Should I say… thrifty… or cheap?  No… … Continue reading

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Pigs are herd animals.  They all have individual personalities, clear likes and dislikes.  Yet they do not like to be alone.  They will talk to each other, fight with each other even bicker for the favored sleeping position in the … Continue reading

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There has been some progress made on the new dwelling for my chicks..err…hens.

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New Home for Turkeys

One of our boys have been wanting to raise turkeys.  Guess it’s time for another shelter.  Check out the new digs!

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