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Change of Scenery…

My new coop is not finished, yet, and the girls needed some more space.  (Not to mention I needed their space!) What to do?  Utilize our “pasture” pen for when we have broilers. They seemed to like the extra room … Continue reading

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Almost time…

It is almost time to process our Pastured Poultry.  Having done this before we are super excited to have just about finished our WhizBang Chicken plucker!! There are many videos on YouTube of them in operation if you are curious … Continue reading

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You say tomato….

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Today was our 3rd, or was it 33rd?? canning marathon for tomato sauce! We started with umpteen bushels of these : Did some processing.. ie: heating up the house on a hot August day, right before a hurricane is going … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

A lot, actually.  After pondering for a long time, naming, re-naming, pondering some more we have Finally settled on a name for our farm!  And… it IS our name!  You see, our name, Thompson, is not “really” our name.  It … Continue reading

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