Curious cases of disappearing pigs

I just read this and thought to myself, Wow.  I suppose I should be keeping up on store pork prices, but I don’t go into too many stores these days.  Why eat make-believe, sickly, factory manufactured, tastes like cardboard pork when you can eat all natural, healthy, farm raised and out of this world delicious can’t ever get enough exploding taste buds pork?  Especially now that, apparently, factory cardboard contaminated pork prices are so high that it’s worth stealing entire herds!  (Just how does someone steal hundreds of pigs at a time anyway?  We often have trouble moving just one at a time…)  Anyway, now that I’ve tantalized you I’m sorry to say that because we are currently building our herd we have no pork available just now, but we will likely have a limited amount this spring, around March or April.  If you are interested in getting some of the best pork that you ever will taste, drop us an email at .  We’ll put you on a list and notify you when the time is getting close.  Our pork prices are very comparable to store prices, but the quality of our pork blows. theirs. away.

By the way, if you happen to be driving by our farm and see some strange men with a big truck chasing pigs in our fields, give ’em heck!

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