Dangers of higher learning

All of the ladies were away for the day yesterday and it was just me and the boys.  We ate lunch and, mostly because I was tired, we had a “quiet hour”.  I took a nap.  The boys spent their quiet hour blowing whistles, rehearsing lines from “Despicable Me”, and running through the house just beyond sound barrier speeds.  Anyway, when I woke (which, for some strange reason, seemed to be at just about the same time that I dozed) I went to the table and sat to get my shoes back on when I heard what seemed to be a typical “cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, clukooooook!”  It sounded a little strange, but I thought nothing of it at first.  But then it came clearer, louder.  “Cluckooooookkkk!!!” As in crystal clear.  Unmuffled.  Very strange.  Is there a chicken near a window?  Curiosity got the better of me so I walked toward the cluck, and there, in our library, standing on my copy of “Java Programming” by Y. Daniel Lang – was a chicken.

Now this may not seem to be unusual to average folk, but we have a strict policy of not allowing our animals to read.  You never know what they might pick up.  We have lots of books, for example, on the revolutionary war  – and we don’t want these critters getting any ideas.  I showed this lass the door, but we’ve got our eye on her……..

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1 Response to Dangers of higher learning

  1. Robin says:

    LOL! I LOVE those kinds of stories! Obviously, from the sounds she was making, she was voicing her opinion on your selection of reading material. Just so she doesn’t get her eyes on Pastured Poultry Profits! It will be ALL over! Rebellion!

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