this little piggy…

One of our pigs had a litter last week.

This pig of ours has a history….

This pig wasn’t born here, nor did we buy her…. we sort of “acquired” her.  One day last year a guy randomly stopped at our house.  He knocks on our door, and states the obvious “you have pigs”.  Perplexed I respond “yes, yes we do”.  He says “Do you want another one?”

Now, I’m not quite sure how to answer him.  Do I have time to think about it?  Can I call my husband at work?  Can I get back to him?  I have so many questions….. many of which I hadn’t even thought up yet.  There are so many things to consider, the dynamics of it all, how do I respond…

“ummm, sure.”

We figured, in retrospect, that we would grow her a little bigger and just add her to our stash in the freezer.  Then we did something you should never do on a farm.  We got attached.  We liked her.  She was sassy, she fit right into the herd.  Ok then, we go with it.  Our boar, Fonz, really liked her.  So now….

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