Almost time…

It is almost time to process our Pastured Poultry.  Having done this before we are super excited to have just about finished our WhizBang Chicken plucker!! There are many videos on YouTube of them in operation if you are curious to see it running.  A little paint, some handles and wheels and I think we’re done!  I can’t say enough of how wonderful it is to raise your own meat, then process it and store it.  You know what it ate, how it was cared for and how it was butchered/processed.  Unlike Factory settings that are “cage free”

Raising your own pastured birds, they not only have access to fresh air, they are moved daily onto fresh grass

As you can see, on a cloudy day like today, they all like to gather under the screened roof to maximize sun.  On real sunny days they move under the roofed part of the pen for shade.  Moving the birds daily gives them access to FRESH forage, breaks the cycle of pathogens as the sun disinfects the old spots, and makes for a healthy happy Bird!  Just think they started like this

and in 5 short weeks.

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2 Responses to Almost time…

  1. Robin says:

    Call us when you’re ready to go! We’d love to come help – and see the plucker in action! Hopefully we’ll be doing this next year!

  2. Deb says:

    Lovely hens!

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