Updates… finally..

We’ve been busy here on the farm…

There’s been clean up from the hurricane

There’s always an audience when there is work going on

We’re getting our wood supply up from the woods

We brought in the wood rack

We processed a ton of peppers that had to be picked before the first frost.

I neglected my beets and didn’t thin them, so I got a bunch of tiny beets 🙂 sooo yummy.  Those had to be canned.

We tried some new recipes… mmmmm Dutch Boys…

We had a freak snowstorm, that was just beautiful, though we can say that because we didn’t lose power with this storm, but many people in our state were without power for over a week!

The day the storm hit we butchered one of our pigs.  We left him to hang overnight as the weather was bad and it was getting too cold and wet to continue.  Our friends at Morningstar Meadows Farm invited us over to watch the Steelers game and I offered to bring some food with us…. figuring we’d all share leftovers (which we did) and  my husband went out and cut a shoulder off the front of the pig to bring.  Oh My!  Soooo good!  I keep saying it’s all about the food and you know… it really is!!

The week before the snowstorm our eldest daughter got married!  She chose a very special day, October 22nd.  It is the day my youngest daughter was born last year, it is also the anniversary of the day I married my very best friend :).

Here is my whole family!!  We are truly blessed!

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1 Response to Updates… finally..

  1. Robin says:

    Love the wedding pictures! Need a recipe and play by play for those Dutch Boy pancakes, though!

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