New Arrivals on the Farm!

Our Tamworth sow had her litter of piglets last week.  I have to say that the first time we ever saw piglets born it was the most amazing thing Ever!!  We were used to seeing puppies whelped, since we’ve been raising Golden’s for over 10 years, and we were totally not prepared for the piglets.  They come out… running!  literally they shake themselves off and start jumping and running around.  They start foraging almost immediately

It is pretty darn amazing!  We tend to do things as natural as possible here on Tomcova farm.  The way nature intended. Pigs are herd animals, they don’t like to be alone.  Even the “teenagers”

This “young” lady saw an opportunity to get some cuddling in and just laid right down .  I think the newborn liked having another warm body to cozy up to.  Ham, our Tamworth sow, loves attention and showed off her new babies to us.

Soooo cute!!!

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