Many have already heard this short but significant (to us, anyway) story, but there are some who haven’t that may enjoy hearing it as much as I have enjoyed telling it…

On the morning of the storm the tractor would not start.  It isn’t easy for me to ask for help from others, but knowing there was way too much work to do (clearing electric fences, feeding & watering, clearing paths, etc., etc…) to shovel by hand I broke down and walked to the neighbor to ask if I could borrow his snow blower.  “No problem” he said.  I told him I would come back in a while to get it, but he came over with it even before his driveway was done.   I offered him $20 but he wouldn’t take it.  “That’s what neighbors are for” he said.  As luck would have it I finally got the tractor started, so I drove to his house to finish his driveway which had over three feet of snow, and the snow blower couldn’t handle it.  Later he came over with a plate of cookies.  Good neighbors are awesome.

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