Spring must be on it’s way

2013-03-01_11-24-26_793The weather is so amazing today, we decided to make a stop on our way home from an appointment.  There is a state park near us that has an abundance of wildlife and views that go on forever.  There were about 30 ducks frolicking in the sunshine, that has been sorely lacking of late.  It being early afternoon the area was pleasantly quiet of traffic, the car kind and the people kind.  You could actually hear the ducks wings, off in the distance, as they would take off and careen back toward a particular love interest.  Or, as they would squawk and quack at each other letting one another know that the sun is shining, the air is clean and spring is beginning to bud around us.

It was a brief interlude in our hectic lives, a moment to take a deep breath to breathe in the clean air, to relax our shoulders and to not speak… just…. watch.

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