Have you ever priced, or bought, swings for your swing set?!?
We’ve gone through several swings finally giving up, for a while, because nothing seemed to last.
Our youngest girls are getting bigger, plus the grandbebes are here all the time, so I thought “hey its time, we need more swings”.  Happily i sent my husband into one of those big box hardware stores, whose name we will not speak, to just “pick up a few swings”. 
Well, he came back out with a bag in hand….it seemed rather small to be holding the three swings I had sent him in to get.  I tried to conceal my disappointment.
I smiled and said “no swings?” He said “I’m going to make some!” He had some chain in that shopping bag. 
Well, true to his word not only did he make some swings…he made just about the best swings ever!  The girls fight over them and keep saying how dads swings are the best! 
I love that he utilized the end cuts from some of our home milled lumber!


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1 Response to Swings!

  1. etomco@comcast.net says:

    Good Job,and better than store bought. Dad

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