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Have you ever priced, or bought, swings for your swing set?!? We’ve gone through several swings finally giving up, for a while, because nothing seemed to last. Our youngest girls are getting bigger, plus the grandbebes are here all the … Continue reading

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Change of Scenery…

My new coop is not finished, yet, and the girls needed some more space.  (Not to mention I needed their space!) What to do?  Utilize our “pasture” pen for when we have broilers. They seemed to like the extra room … Continue reading

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New coop

We are constructing a new “mobile” chicken coop for the new layers.  The wood was milled here from trees we cut down a few years ago.

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Our son has added a new element to our farm….rabbits! The new babies are a Rex/ Palomomino cross.  They are probably the cutest softest thing I have ever held!       And do they ever grow fast! Oh my gosh!  I … Continue reading

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Wood shed

We started building a woodshed/ shelter for our wood supply.  We are able to utilize lumber/poles off our own property.

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Mmmmm good!

Take one fresh ham….bake on low alllllll day…..mmmmmmmm!!

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One week old and acting like the big guys….well except for the nursing part ;-).

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Last year we, the kids and my husband, spent quite a bit of time clearing out some of our land in the back.  They dug out stumps, cut more trees and chipped a TON of brush.  They used the chips … Continue reading

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We choose to raise Golden’s…

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Joel Salatin calls his pigs “pigerators”.  This is so totally true… I call ’em little Rototillers. I think farmers of old had a great wisdom when they let the animals do the work.  The pigs dig up the soil for … Continue reading

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