What’s in a name?

A lot, actually.  After pondering for a long time, naming, re-naming, pondering some more we have Finally settled on a name for our farm!  And… it IS our name!  You see, our name, Thompson, is not “really” our name.  It all goes back to a town in the Ukraine where my husband’s family originated.  Before Russia decided to change the borders of the Ukraine, the family name was Tomcova.  After Russia moved the borders so that part of the Ukraine was now in Czechoslovakia, the family name was changed to Tomco.  The borders were then moved back but the name Tomco stuck.  When my husband’s grandfather came to the U.S. the American Gov’t “Americanized” the name to Thompson.  Phew.  History fascinates me.  Since our family is striving to live more simply and get back to our roots, I suggested that we go back and claim our original name.  I like it.

So… welcome to our Farm.

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