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New Golden Retriever Puppies on the farm!

Every time the farm is blessed with puppies I can’t help but walk around humming the Veggie Tales song “Puppies are Cuddly… ” .  They really are!

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All in a Day’s Work

Everybody, without exception, does chores on the farm.  One of the Retrievers’ chores is to take the kids for a walk every day.  They’re pretty good natured about it, unlike our dishwashers and garbage-taker-outers. The one thing that we’ve discovered over … Continue reading

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Sir Lics’alot

Or, Mr. Licker…. In reality, his name is really Mal… Or Cap’n Mal… or Malcom(e)… Anyway you call him.. he’s a licker!! Mal is our new stud and we are soooo excited about him!  He’s everything you want in a … Continue reading

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