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Something is Wrong…

Yes, something is wrong…very wrong with this picture.

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When you have puppies on the farm everyone benefits….especially the grand-bebes!

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We’ve been very blessed to have a local produce farmer in our lives 🙂 A couple of our kids work for her during the planting/harvesting season and she blesses us with excess (when she has it).  Some years our own … Continue reading

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We decided to get out for a few minutes, alone, last night while the kids were eating their dinner of homemade pizza.  After eating our shared dinner at the Chinese Restaurant I opened my “fortune” cookie and thought mine was … Continue reading

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Spring must be on it’s way

The weather is so amazing today, we decided to make a stop on our way home from an appointment.  There is a state park near us that has an abundance of wildlife and views that go on forever.  There were … Continue reading

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Pork… it’s what’s for dinner…

There is nothing quite like eating something you have grown or raised.  Our naturally raised pastured pork is particularly good!  It’s even better when you can stretch your meals! I cooked up a big ham on Sunday since ALL of … Continue reading

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Simpler Time….

This picture of our son, Daniel, just puts me back into a time when life was simple…..

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New Golden Retriever Puppies on the farm!

Every time the farm is blessed with puppies I can’t help but walk around humming the Veggie Tales song “Puppies are Cuddly… ” .  They really are!

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Shoveling out….

The “old Girl” had a hard time of it initially (see previous post), but in the end prevailed! Meghan working hard trying to give the dogs some extra room, though they were loving a good romp in the snow!  (have … Continue reading

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