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When we first moved here about 11 years ago, we came with the intention of farming our new little 14 acre plot.  We were younger and much greener, never having the opportunity to spread beyond back yard animals and a garden, so it didn’t take … Continue reading

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We’ve been very blessed to have a local produce farmer in our lives 🙂 A couple of our kids work for her during the planting/harvesting season and she blesses us with excess (when she has it).  Some years our own … Continue reading

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Updating the Website

Just a note to let everyone know that we’ve updated the website just a bit, and have plans for future enhancements.  First of all, you can now access this page directly at We have also linked up our page … Continue reading

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Pork… it’s what’s for dinner…

There is nothing quite like eating something you have grown or raised.  Our naturally raised pastured pork is particularly good!  It’s even better when you can stretch your meals! I cooked up a big ham on Sunday since ALL of … Continue reading

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Early Soupy

Without knowing it at the time, some of the soppresata that we made was smaller than it should have been.  Apparently it is not customary to use pig casings; most soupy makers use cow casings which make a much larger link.  I wonder just … Continue reading

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Or “soupy” for short, if you don’t know, is a type of italian salami.  You can buy it in some stores, but you have not experienced soupy as it was meant to be unless you are are from an old Italian family who knows the … Continue reading

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Feeding time

Here on Tomcova farm, dirty noses mean happy pigs!  That means they are digging in the dirt, foraging for roots, insects, acorns or anything else that may make them happy! We do have to supplement their foraging with food, which … Continue reading

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Moving Day…

We moved some of the pigs to a bigger area about a week and a half ago.  They are quite happy in their new digs…

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“Seriously folks, I can’t make this stuff up”

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books to read about the farming/food industry, Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal! by Joel Salatin.  It’s a great read, filled with humor and information.  It will seriously blow … Continue reading

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New Arrivals on the Farm!

Our Tamworth sow had her litter of piglets last week.  I have to say that the first time we ever saw piglets born it was the most amazing thing Ever!!  We were used to seeing puppies whelped, since we’ve been … Continue reading

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