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Shoveling out….

The “old Girl” had a hard time of it initially (see previous post), but in the end prevailed! Meghan working hard trying to give the dogs some extra room, though they were loving a good romp in the snow!  (have … Continue reading

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Many have already heard this short but significant (to us, anyway) story, but there are some who haven’t that may enjoy hearing it as much as I have enjoyed telling it… On the morning of the storm the tractor would not start.  It … Continue reading

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All in a Day’s Work

Everybody, without exception, does chores on the farm.  One of the Retrievers’ chores is to take the kids for a walk every day.  They’re pretty good natured about it, unlike our dishwashers and garbage-taker-outers. The one thing that we’ve discovered over … Continue reading

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Early Soupy

Without knowing it at the time, some of the soppresata that we made was smaller than it should have been.  Apparently it is not customary to use pig casings; most soupy makers use cow casings which make a much larger link.  I wonder just … Continue reading

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Or “soupy” for short, if you don’t know, is a type of italian salami.  You can buy it in some stores, but you have not experienced soupy as it was meant to be unless you are are from an old Italian family who knows the … Continue reading

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Country Road

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“Seriously folks, I can’t make this stuff up”

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books to read about the farming/food industry, Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal! by Joel Salatin.  It’s a great read, filled with humor and information.  It will seriously blow … Continue reading

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Boys… will be…. boys

We had a “Pig Moving Day” earlier this week.  One of our sons was given the task of bringing some hay down to the new area to put in the shelter…..

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Attack of the Snow Goons…

We finally got some snow!  Not much but enough for the kids to go out and build some Snow Goons. But… Alas… when you have farm animals things don’t always go quite as planned.

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New Arrivals on the Farm!

Our Tamworth sow had her litter of piglets last week.  I have to say that the first time we ever saw piglets born it was the most amazing thing Ever!!  We were used to seeing puppies whelped, since we’ve been … Continue reading

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